Sampling around: Estée Lauder, Revitalizing Supreme, Global Anti-aging creme


I try to get what my skin needs to avoid aging showing, but not necessarily anti-aging labeled products. I got this sample at Douglas in Germany, and among the options this was what sounded more interesting to try. Of course, once you have the chance to try something, you hope for the best. The packaging of this sample was nice, but the amount of sample was quite unsatisfactory. It was barely enough for two tries. I would say that is too few to make up your mind about a product. About the product itself I can say it felt average as a moisturizer, nothing striking, but indeed two tries are not enough to judge. Formula was more on the creamy side than on the gel texture, but without being heavy or greasy, it was comfortable to use.

Would I buy it based on the sample? No, sample was too small to judge properly. And the two tries I got did not impress me enough to think I would change my moisturizer for this.

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