Sampling around: Elizabeth Arden, Visible Difference, Optimizing Skin Serum


I recently bought a tonic from Elizabeth Arden and the lady at the counter was rather generous with samples. This Serum was one of the samples I got. At first, I loved the packaging of this serum, tiny, compact, with a proper dispenser, it sounded like heaven. Afterwards, I reflected in the fact that probably a lot of product is wasted. Therefore for packaging I have mixed feelings on this, but I would say it needs better packaging. Cute is not always practical! Sample size was very good, I had enough for 10 days to two weeks.

The serum itself did not impress me though, it is an optimizing serum, but I did not see any difference on my skin while using it. It can be that you need to use it for more than two weeks to see an effect. Like in the case of the Caudalie serum I have reviewed for brightening. In that case I started noticing a difference after half a bottle was gone. Consistency was more of a lotion moisturizer than a serum.

Would I buy this based on the sample? No

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