USA: Sally Hansen, Double Duty, Base & Top Coat


I give this product 3/5 thumbs up. I like it.

One of those perfect products that I am in a constant search for is a base and top coat, two in one. So far my favorite is the Revlon one, but whenever I see one that I have not tried, I immediately go for it. I saw this online at Douglas in Germany and I immediately ordered it.

Packaging is fine, brush is a bit thin than I would wish, but because of its formula it works well. As a base it is good as long as you do not forget to shake it before using it, which gives it minus points. If you forget to shake it, your polish lasts 2-3 days max. If you do shake it, then it can last up to 6 days max. The polish you use also influences how long it stays on. Using a Maybelline Forever Strong Pro, it lasted up to 6 days even without shaking it. Price tag is great compared to the Revlon base and top coat. This is just 5 Euro. Compared to 20 something CHF that the Revlon one costs in Switzerland. As a top coat is nice, not the glossiest, but glossy enough. The fact that you MUST shake it before use, could be annoying, but the price compensates for it.

Would I buy it again? No, I rather use something that its performance does not depend on shaking it.

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