France: Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Éclat, Radiant touch


I have heard loads about this product all over: reviews, magazines, etc. Everywhere I looked reviews were positive, so after I finished what I was using, I decided to go and buy this. Price tag was not cheap, I payed 36 Euro at Douglas in Germany for it. Together the positive reviews plus the price tag, raised the expectations on the product.

Let’s start talking about the packaging. I have to say, I am not a big fan of it. Yes, it is all very beautiful looking, but oh it is not that practical. Closing the lid is not that light, and the dispensing system works by precisely pushing the button at the back. It is very easy to accidentally push the dispensing button and waste product.


The formula is also not my thing. It is like a dry cream. It is not very moisturizing, but it is more creamy than other similar products. It feels like the idea is a powder like finish. Nevertheless, it is hard to blend on the skin. Maybe someone with a different skin type finds it better, but in my hands it did not work that well.

Overall I would say it is just ok and I would definitely not buy it again. I have tried better and at a similar price. I had high expectations but unfortunately the product did not reach them. There is a new version of this product in different tones that I am thinking to try out though.

Would I buy it again? No

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