Traveling skincare routine

Do you like traveling light but you are not willing to compromise quality and glamour?? Then read this and get some useful ideas. Whenever I travel, I try my best to travel light, but I do not like to compromise quality or glamour. Carrying around glass jars or flasks of original product is not really comfortable, specially if we are talking about a weekend trip.

The solution to this problem I have found it on my sample treasure combined with containers for my favorite products. I constantly accumulate samples from purchases I have done, some are big, some small. Some are from products that I have never tried, some are from products I know already. Often times you get several small samples from a same product, either on one purchase or accumulated. I would never suggest you to try a product for the first time on a trip. You could get an allergic reaction and who would enjoy a trip in those conditions? Although sometimes you are going to a very familiar environment, visiting the parents, siblings, grandma, those are trips where you could potentially try new products. Whenever you do a purchase, either on a departmental store or a pharmacy, do not feel shy to ask for samples, it is an opportunity for you and the brand, just take it!

Obviously depending on how much you buy, you may have more or less samples. But most of the time there is no need to sacrifice quality on your skincare routine when you travel. Brands nowadays have samples from all kinds of products, cleansers, serums, moisturizers, eye creams. Plus, you can always buy a small container and pour some of your favorite toner, cleanser or moisturizer. I would not recommend pouring serums, often a times, they come in dark containers suggesting that they might be light sensitive. Serums are also from the most expensive steps of a skincare routine, you do not want to waste them.  Even containers that previously came with serums like the Genifique sample size container, are not recommendable to reuse. It comes with a small dropper and all, but I tried this out and my feeling is that you waste a lot of precious product.

Let me show you an example of such a traveling skincare routine:


Cleanser: I poured the current cleanser I was using at home into a Muji tube container. I do not recommend these Muji containers, they are expensive and it broke already on the first trip. Cleanser is a product that you can easily get sample sizes from the pharmacy. La-Roche-Posay, or Avène often have samples from this kind of products. The containers in which they come are often good quality and practical to travel, which makes them ideal for re-use.

Toner: I keep and refill whenever is needed this Lancôme Tonique Doceur. Just as with cleansers, you can easily get samples from toners in the pharmacy.

Day rutine

Serum: for a trip that lasted several weeks I took this Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing skin serum, plus this Chanel Hydra Beauty MicroSerum. If you are going for a smaller trip you could take a smaller kind of sample like this I am showing you here from Rodial, or Clarins.

Misc samples

Moisturizer: Depending on the length of your trip you might take a sample size like this Aesop moisturizer, or just several smaller ones like the Korres ones I am showing you here.

Day moisturizer

Eye cream: In this case I took the full size tube of my day eye cream. It is compact and light to travel with it.


Make up Removal: I use the cleanser I take, and additionally for the eyes I bring with me a small sample from micellar water or eye make up remover. These kind of samples are easy to get in pharmacies. Avène or Nuxe have either free samples or small affordable sets of such products. Lancôme has lots of small sets with bi-facil, their star eye make up remover. And many other brands also have such “eye” sets, including mascara, eyeliner and eye make up remover: Helena Rubinstein, Benefit, Givenchy, Guerlain, and more

Night rutine

Serum: This Advanced Night Repair Serum sample by Estée Lauder is great for a long trip. You find such samples in sets that the brands sell themselves. Often they sell an original size product and as a plus they add big sample sizes from other products. Giving you the chance to try. Estée Lauder has many of such sets almost all year long, Clinique as well. And brands as Lancôme have them for seasons: Christmas, valentines, etc.

Moisturizer: Depending on how long you will be away, you can either take a few small samples like these Embryolisse and Korres or a bigger sample for a longer trip.

Night moisturizer

Eye Cream: This is a very compact and light weight eye cream sample by Estée Lauder that came in the same set from the serum.

Have a look at what you have at hand, and if you do not have the samples you can always complement with containers where you pour your favorite products. Here I show you my favorite moisturizer containers. You can find them at Muji and the smaller one is cheap enough and good quality. The only problem is labeling will not be simple.


Some brands have their traveling sets already prepared for sale. Unfortunately sometimes they do not consider using compact and light packaging . I recently bought one of these traveling sets by Aesop, but I am not really impressed by the packaging of some of the products in the set.

Go ahead, mix and match. Take advantage of the possibilities at hand and complement with favorite products!

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