Sampling around: Clinique, High Impact Mascara


I love mascara samples! They are very practical, you can carry one in your handbag, they are great for traveling, or just good to try a new product!

Packaging is good, although I am not sure the brush from the sample is the same one of the full size, I think it is. In my opinion a mascara is not just the formula, but also the brush! Sample size is really good, a bit bigger than others, it lasts a long time. As I just said, for me a mascara is the brush and the formula. In this case, the formula is ok, it does last several hours, but do not expect a whole day without retouch. The high Impact effect though lasts just a short time and it does not hold a curl. The brush is not my kind of brush. It is slightly big for my taste and I am no big fan of long fiber brushes for mascara. I have the impression that too much product is wasted because of the shape of the brush as well.

I would say this mascara is ok, but I have seen better. However if you like fiber mascara brushes over plastic ones, this might be for you. Check it out at the counter if you are interested!

Would I buy this mascara based on the sample? Not really.


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