Incoming: L’Oreal, Estée Lauder and more…

This was a bit of eyes, nails and skincare buys. I bought some nail polishes by essie, Catrice and L’Oreal. I needed a real white nail polish and I went with essie for that. Then walking by the Catrice stand I saw this beautiful copper glittery polish and I also picked it up. There was also a Khol Kajal in a beautiful pink that I could not resist. Then by the L’Oreal stand I picked up two colorful nail polishes, a bright green and purple. They are sort of a matte finish which I did not expected. Finally, I got two eye liners in great colors blue and purple, they come with a brush, a pretty good brush actually.


Then I also got a box by Estée Lauder with a beautiful makeup bag in blue and white. Inside, came DayWear, a day moisturizer with SPF in regular size; Perfectly Clean, a foam cleanser/purifying mask in a pretty big size; and two “small” samples, the Advanced Night Repair serum and the Advanced Night Repair Eye cream.



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