Germany: Weleda, Granatapfel Regenerations handcreme


I give this hand cream 4/5 thumbs up! I really like it!

I separate my hands cream on the ones for using regularly during the day and those for the evening before going to bed. If you are like me, you might like something nice and rich for the evening to protect your hands during the night and prepare them for the next day. A little bit of a ritual for yourself. Maybe you like them for their scent, to relax before bed; or maybe for their plus effects. I go more for the plus effects than scents. This one is a rich hand cream and it also claims an antioxidant effect. I can not know if this antioxidant claim is helping for sure, but I did enjoy using it. It is rich without being greasy and hydrates the skin.

Would I buy it again? Yes! I have!

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