France: Lancôme, Vissionaire Serum


I give this product 4/5 thumbs up. I really like it!

I really like this serum and it is part (on and off) of my skincare routine. It  claims to be a skin corrector on pores, wrinkles and texture. Skincare products are always hard to judge whenever there are claims on anti age effects, so the possible wrinkles that have been avoided by using this product can never be evaluated by me. Nevertheless, its effects on existing fine lines (wrinkles do not disappear with any cream!) and pores is what I have been able to evaluate. Fine lines do not disappear, but they seem smoother, and pores are improved for as long as you are using the product. I have been on and off this product a few times, and what I have noticed the most is the effect it has on my pores, they are less apparent, smaller. It wont make them go away and make your skin perfect, its effect is limited, but real. I do recommend this product, if you think it sounds something you are interested in, then go and test it. There are always special packages with several small products for Christmas which may include it. Also there is a limited edition of 75ml at 115 Euro at the moment, compared to the regular 30ml at around 90 Euro. I use it once a day in the evenings and then it lasted me for at least six months.

Would I buy this product again? Yes, I have and I will continue to.

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