Germany: Balea, Bodybutter Kakao


2/5 thumbs up,  I found this product just ok.

In my experience as a moisturizer it fulfills its role. It is rather cheap as well, if you are after a body butter for a small price. I would say it is definitely a product for dry skin more than any other kind. Unfortunately in this case the small price also comes with the inconvenience of being “hard” to use. The product is a paste that you have to first work in your hands to warm it up and then being able to apply on the skin. Also, it leaves residues everywhere and everything that is in touch with your skin after applying. These are the reasons why I found it just ok, and I would not buy it again either. If you are after a cheap rich body butter and don’t mind these inconveniences then go ahead and try it out, it might be for you!

Would I buy it again? Definitely not

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