Sampling around: Love me Green, Certified Organic Energizing Face Peeling


This sample I got through the Glossybox in Germany. I had never seen this brand before, which is more or less the point of beauty boxes. People get to know new products and brands, while brands get a chance to be introduced into new markets. Now, the packaging of this Love me Green Energizing Face Peeling is very good, practical and easy to use. The size of the sample is also very good, 30ml of product is surely enough to help you decide how you like the product. This product states it is certified organic, and that it contains ingredients from natural and organic origins certified by Ecocert. 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin and 13% from organic farming. I found interesting that the product states to be certified organic even with only 13% of it comes from organic farming. If you are interested in organic products, this might be something for you to try and check out other products from this brand. Price also seems accessible, the price for the full size of 75ml is around 10 Euro. The formula of this product was unfortunately nothing I can recommend. It contains orange and argan oil, and this sounds good to me. Its consistency is rather light and watery, very nice to use in that sense. Unfortunately the particles that contains for the peeling are too sharp and would hurt your skin if you rub yourself with this. I had to use it very lightly and in the end I decided not to try it more than twice. If they would work more on their peeling particles and get something better, this could be a very nice product and at a rather fair price. As it is thought, I would not recommend to use this on your face, it is so sharp you might hurt yourself.

Would I buy it based on the sample? No, unless they change the peeling particles.


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