Sampling around: Kiehl’s, Creme de Corps


I got this sample size Kiehl’s Creme de Corps in a small set last December. I have not tried Kiehl’s products before, I felt curious and decided to buy a small set with some of their products that seemed more interesting. Let’s start with sample size, this little bottle contains 75ml of product, more than enough for a couple of uses and make up your mind about it. The packaging was in this case what I found the worst of this sample. The plastic of the bottle is so hard that you can not squeeze it to get the product out, with a light formula, this would not be such a big problem. A bit of shaking would help. In this case the product is so thick and heavy that it does not help. It is practically impossible to get the product out of this bottle. I removed the lid completely and shake it hard against my palms trying to get the product out, but it still did not work very well. After this, I decided it was too much work to try out a product, I do not have all the time in the world to spend on creaming up myself. I just hope the full size product has better packaging. Unfortunately, the packaging design for this sample was a complete fail in this case. Now, the product itself. It is a rich cream, not excessively perfumed, that leaves a moisturizing film on your skin after you apply it without leaving any oily feeling behind. Probably more suitable for dry skin or winter time.

Would I buy this product after trying out the sample? The product is good and it is not cheap but also not excessively priced. I think it is worth investing in if you have dry skin, or if you need a richer body moisturizer during winter time, but I don’t think I will buy it anytime soon. First of all I would need to test the packaging of the full size. Even then, such packaging, due to the thick heavy formula, probably won’t allow all the product to be used up.


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