Sampling around: Biotherm, Skin Best, Serum in Cream


I got this sample recently from an online order I placed. The product states it is a serum in cream, which sounds interesting to try. Serums are rather concentrated products with a light formula that is absorbed quickly by your skin, while Creams have richer, or heavier formulas that stay longer on the surface of your cream and are less concentrated. The concept of a product in between that might save you some time in the morning does not sound bad at all. Interest in such a product might depend on your lifestyle or your approach to skincare, and the needs of your skin of course.

This Skin Best Serum in cream by Biotherm is of a light consistency, slightly heavier than a serum. Its consistency is similar to the one of Vissionaire Serum by Lancôme. Although, once applied it feels more like a moisturizer on your skin, heavier on your skin than a regular serum. The sample size was too small in my opinion, it was enough for one application only. The product claims to be an instant corrector and a youth protecting concentrate. It was an interesting product to test, and based on the consistency it feels like a very light moisturizer, although it might be that based on its formula components, it contains more concentrated ingredients than a regular moisturizer.

Would I buy it based on the sample? Not really, but I can easily imagine that someone interested in a simplified skincare routine would be interested in it.


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