Germany: Kneipp, Schaum Dusche, Orangenblüte-Jojobaöl


This shower product gets 1/5 thumbs up. I really did not like it.

I got this product in a sample size through a Glossybox in Germany. I thought it would be an interesting product to try, shower gel in the form of foam. Unfortunately I did not like it, so lets explain you why, so you can figure out if you would like it or not. Let’s start with the packaging, it is metallic and it has a dispenser similar to hair mousse or shaving gel, packaging was easy to use, comfortable and all, I am not sure how good it is for the environment compared to others. Consistency of the product was something to get a bit used to at first, I almost felt like I was using shaving cream all over the first times. It feels nice on your skin, soft and comfortable, but if you use a sponge to scrub yourself, you will loose most of the product there so it might not be good to combine it with one. Because of its consistency, you end up needing to do several pumps to use all over your body, which compared to a regular shower gel, probably means it will last you less than a regular shower gel consistency. Now, the scent, it states it has an orange flowers scent, but it actually smells like spray chemicals as well, and this scent is stronger that the actual orange flower scent. Which ruins the whole experience for the most part. In summary, I did not enjoy the consistency it was unpractical and I dont like the chemical scent.

Would I buy this product? No


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