Germany: Balea, Totes Meer Salz öl peeling, Lemongrass duft


This product gets a 5/5 thumbs up. I love it!

Another kind of product that I like to try around to find the best ones are body scrubs and body peelings. To understand my ratings for this kind of product, you need to know what do I look for in it, after all not all of us want the same from a body scrub. I like grainy, gritty, scrubs rather on the coarse side than the fine one. This body scrub by Balea contains salt from the dead see and oil with a lemongrass scent. I found it to be a really good body scrub, very good quality and a fair price (only 3 Euro). Packaging is fine, rather on the cheap side, but efficient and practical enough. Scent is fine, not overpowering. If can compare it to another product, it would be the rituals Sakura body scrub, different scent, but similar formulation. The oils on the Rituals one are finer and lighter, but the end effect and the grains are very much similar. If you liked the Rituals one and have access to Balea products, then try this out, you might like it! If you like lighter body scrubs, like shower scrubs it might be this is not for you.

Would I buy this again? Yes, I would and I have already.

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