Germany: Aliviana Naturkosmetik, Handcreme soft mit Aloe Vera


I give this product 2/5 thumbs up. I found this product to be ok.

I found this hand cream in the supermarket, but surely bio shops and natural shops will carry the brand too. It is a German brand that states to be Vegan and contain ingredients from certified organic agriculture. If these are important parameters in your beauty products, then this could be a product for you to consider. I try lots of hands cream, for me it is just one of those products. Overall this is an ok hands cream, I did not find anything about it outstanding, but it is also nothing wrong with it. The only but I found on this product could be that it is rather expensive compared to similar quality products. Most natural, vegan kind of products are in general more expensive, so if you are into these the price might not be a problem. Although I think you can probably find similar products with either lower price, or higher quality.

Would I buy this again? Not really.


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