France: Caudalíe, Creme Gourmande Mains et Ongles


I give this hands cream 2/5 thumbs up. I find it to be ok.

This is a brand where I have found products I really like and others I am not a big fan of. This product is not one of my favorites by Caudalíe. I keep a hands cream next to my bed to use before sleeping, usually what I look in such a hands cream is to be rather rich, moisturizing, a bit more luxurious and special than what I might use during the day. This is what I originally got this hands cream for, but towards the end I just used it up as my regular day hands cream. The product states to be nourishing and antioxidant. About nourishing I have to say I did not feel that at all, often shortly after applying it my hands felt dry again. It is not precisely a rich hands cream, consistency is rather light. Now, about the antioxidant part, it does contain antioxidant ingredients and in that sense it makes it a perfect overnight hands cream. For me, it just lacked nourishing power. Packaging is really nice and practical, really soft plastic that allows to empty the tube easily and use most of the product up.

Would I buy this product again? Most probably not.

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