Denmark: Gosh, Provocateur. Courbe, Longueur, Definition.


I give this mascara 2/5 thumbs up. I think this product is just ok.

Mascaras are from the trickiest products when it comes to finding the right one for you. Everyone might be after something slightly different, but there are always characteristics that everyone agrees on should be there. Now, in my opinion a mascara is a two component product, on the one hand you have the wand and brush, which are critical to the performance. On the other hand you have the formula of the mascara itself. This mascara has a great wand and brush, I really like them, very practical, easy to apply to top and lower lashes. Just fantastic. Now, formula wise, very disappointing. The mascara states that it curves, elongates and defines eyelashes. I do find that it defines and elongates lashes, but I would not say it curves them at all. The disappointing part of the formula is that it lasts on your lashes maybe two to three hours maximum. In my opinion, it is too short lived to invest in it. I really like the packaging, it is rather sleek and uncomplicated, practical to use. I would love to see this mascara with a better formula, because I repeat, I love the brush!

Would I buy this mascara? Unless they change the formula, no.

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