Sampling around: My NY, DKNY

IMG_9249_1 IMG_9250_1

Perfumes are something I always found hard to review, because is a product that depends so much on personal taste. I always try to be very neutral, and describe the scent as best as I can so that people can figure if it fits their taste, but I do think you should still go and test it live in a shop before making up your mind. Something additional I can do is to review their packaging, and in this case it plays an important role in my review.

I got this little lovely sample in the German Anniversary Glossybox. The packaging looks lovely and original, but it is unpractical. This little heart contains enough perfume for two to three uses, which is a fair size sample. This packaging is so unstable that accidentally spilling the contents would be rather easy. You need to find a special corner where to leave it until your finish it. It also stays open, which I would think is not very good for a perfume in general. In my opinion this sample packaging was a real fail. The packaging of the real fragrance though looks really beautiful.

Now, to the scent! It contains Raspberry, pink pepper, Jasmine, Freesia, patchouli, vanilla, musk and others. I would describe it as slightly sweet but still fresh. If you like scents that are not too sweet this might be for you, or if you are into fresh scents and are looking for one with a twist. Just go to the shop and test it!

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