Sampling around: Kérastase Paris, Elixir K Ultime


I got this sample at my hair dresser after a haircut and buying some Kérastase products. I have tried other oils for the hair: the famous Maroccan oil, the macadamia one, also Caudalíe oil, which I have already reviewed in here. None of those is as good as this one. This is the best oil I have tried to date. It leaves your hair beautiful, protected, feeling light, you can not feel it on your hair afterwards. Beautiful product that I totally recommend. The formula is very light, but very nourishing at the same time, lovely. The packaging was fine, I like that it contains a detail description of the product and how to use it, although you can also get this information online if necessary. The amount of sample was 3ml which was enough for at least three uses, so I would say, enough to know if you like it.

Surely this is not the cheapest product, but I think it is one worth investing in: it is effective and you do not need lots of it per application.

Would I buy based on the sample? Yes!


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