Sampling around: Benefit, They’re Real!


I think the first sample I got from this mascara came in a Glossybox from Germany, and I have got others from Benefit buys. I have to say, this is one of the best mascara samples I have tried. Packaging is excellent! It is compact, practical and so important: it contains the original brush. Part of experiencing a mascara is the formula but the other half is the brush. The brush is so important and it makes a huge difference in the effects the mascara has on your eye lashes. Most mascara samples I have tried, do not include the original brush and then they are really useless as a sample. They can never really reflect the possibilities of the mascara, or how you will like it. I do not understand this from companies, because it is detrimental to the image of their product on the customer. Sample size was more than enough to make up your mind about the product, so they also get points there.


Now the formula. The mascara claims to lengthen, volumize, separate, curl and lift. It definitely lengthens, separates and volumizes. About the other claims I would not swear by. It feels like one of those formulas that contain fibers. It is long lasting as well, and you will need a good make up remover to avoid rubbing. The results are really beautiful and I really enjoyed using this mascara. I used it up on trips and also used it on special occasions.

Would I buy this product based on the sample? Yes!


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