Sampling around: Acqua di Gioia, eau de toilette


Even though this scent is described as a fresh one, I would say this description is not quite accurate. In my opinion this is not just a fresh scent, but you can feel why they call it fresh when you smell it. I would call it a sophisticated fresh scent, more towards sophisticated than fresh, but with still a touch of fresh in the end. The scent contains mint leaves, lemon, jasmine, peony, pink pepper, cedarwood and others. I found it subtle and agreeable.

Packaging from this sample was very good, like most of these kind of little sprays are. I really like it is a spray, much more practical than a little bottle or the one from my previous review of My NY by DKNY.

If you like fresh scents, test it, it is not quite just fresh is more subtle than that. And if you like more sophisticated scents, but are looking for something for everyday, or for the summer, this might just be it. Whatever the case, just test it to make up your mind!

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