Switzerland: Weleda, Birken Dusch Peeling


I give this product 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like this product at all.

Weleda products are natural cosmetics, so if you are into this you probably have already heard about the brand. The packaging of this product is quite convenient for using in the shower. The consistency of the peeling is similar to a shower gel containing beads that actually feel like plastic. Depending on what you look after in a peeling or body scrub, you might like this product or not. In my case, I am after gritty coarser beads that give me a good scrub, and this peeling had rather scarce beads for my taste therefore I saw no results after using it. In addition, the beads as I already mentioned, felt like little plastic pieces, which I did not find very comfortable to use. I did not like this product at all, so I can not recommend it, but if you like lighter body scrubs and are into natural cosmetics, maybe this is for you.

Would I buy this product again? No.

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