Germany: Dresdner Essenz, Plegeöl, Pfingstenrose/Jojobaöl


I give this product 2/5 thumbs up. I find it ok.

Dresdner Essenz is a German brand that I have not tried out extensively yet, but that I have seen often in drogueries in Germany, and I have tried a few of their bad products. This body oil comes in the form of a spray. The formulation of the oil, was nice and kept the skin humected and protected through the day, but it is not as quickly absorbed as other products. The cooling feeling on your skin when you apply could be a plus if you use it for instance after sports, which is what I did, helping against sore muscles.My biggest problem with this product was the packaging, although at first one might think it is very convenient to have it in the form of a spray, in practice it was not so. After you apply, there is oil all over the floor where you applied it, which is a problem easily avoidable if you do not use a spray. Additionally, since you apply and rub into your skin, your hands get oily and slippery making the use of the spray button harder. If you are into body oils, maybe you could give this one a try, but I would rather prefer different packaging for it.

Would I buy this product again? No

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