UK: Original Source, Vanilla and Raspberry


I did not like this product at all, it gets 1/5 thumbs up.

I have seen there is a lot of hype about these shower gels online among several bloggers. This is the Vanilla and Raspberry Original Source shower gel. They have a pretty cool website, colorful and modern. I got it in a German Glossybox. It states it is a Vegan product, containing natural moisturizers. I think price wise it is fair based on the amount of product you get. Packaging is nice and practical. Formulation though is the main objection I found for this product. It is too liquid, and it runs in between your fingers, sponge, loofa, or however you apply your shower gel. As a result you end up finishing it pretty quickly. Even shower oils, which are pretty liquid do not run in between your fingers like this. The second objection, which is more of a personal one, is the scent. This is extremely scented, very very sweet, and overpowering. It was so strongly scented, that specially for a product claiming to be all natural, I can not believe they do not add an artificial scent.

Would I buy this again? No.

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