Germany: Kur, Shampoo and Conditioner


I bought these two in Aldi, which is a very cheap supermarket in Germany. I thought, why no? Lets try! Well, I can only say that I truly regret it. The packaging is good, the amount of product is also good, you get a lot of product (500ml) at a minimum price. Sometimes I have got nice deals, so I decided to risk it and try out this product. The shampoo its called Hydro-Complex, and it states it gives intense care and shine. It did not give intensive care or shine, and it dried out my hair pretty badly. The conditioner called vier-stufen-Komplex, and it states it works on repair and shine. It did not repair my hair, and it also did not work on its shine. My hair while using this products dried out and got damaged, I had to stop using it and change to a nourishing shampoo and conditioner system, plus hair mask. I did not finished it, or even got close to it. I can not recommend these products at all.

Would I buy these again? No!

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