France: Caudalie, Huile Divine


I got the Huile Divine by Caudalie in a Beauty Box from Switzerland, quite some time ago already. It took me a really long time to write this review, mainly because I could not find a way to use this product in which I would like it. In the end I unfortunately have to give this product 1/5 thumbs up!  I did not like it at all.

It can be used as a skin care product, as a hair product or as a body oil. The first thing I did was to tried it as skincare, unfortunately it gave me an allergic reaction. The second try was as a hair product, thinking that it could work similar to the maroccan oil, or other similar treatments. Unfortunately, here it also did not work out, you could see the traces of the oil on your hair, and all clustered sticking together. Finally as a body oil, I also did not enjoyed it because it is not quickly absorbed and it stays on your skin as an oily film.

It is possible that as a skin care product would work out, I could not really test it as such due to the allergic reaction.

Would I buy this product? No

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