Sampling around: Collistar, Concentrato Biorivitalizzante Anticellulite effeto Mesoterapia


Collistar Anticellite Biorevitalizing Concentrate is like a gel for the body that claims a Mesotherapy biorevitalizing anticelulite effect. It is a nice product, very light and fresh on your skin, but it leaves the skin very soft and hydrated. Although the sample comes without the fancy applicator of the original sample, if you follow the massage recommended by the product your skin feels very soft afterwards even without it, so it would be nice to try it out with the applicator. I of course do not believe that this product is comparable to mesotherapy, and I also would not expect that cellulite dissapears by using this product. If you truly want to get rid of cellulite, you would have to do sports, eat healthy, exfoliate and drink enough water, plus you can use this kind of products. Keeping in mind all this, I still like the product because it leaves the skin really soft and hydrated.

Would I buy the product based on the sample? Yes

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