Sampling around: Clarins, Crème Masvelt, Multi-Réductrice


This body cream was a pleasant surprise. I did not expected much of it, but in the end I enjoyed using it. I do not believe in creams helping you loose weight, if you truly want to loose weight, then eat healthy and exercise. There is no other way. Removing this from the equation and considering it as a body cream, then it is very nice on your skin, it leaves the skin very soft and hydrated. Sample size was enough for maybe just two uses, but it felt enough to make up my mind about it. I just consider that it is too expensive for what it does. I rather eat healthy, do sports and use a good body cream not necessarily at this price range (50 Euro for 200ml).

Would I buy it based on the sample? Based on the quality of the sample, yes, but the price for a body lotion that without doing sports and eating healthy surely will have almost no effect is too high. So in reality I would not buy it, but it is a nice product, and if you are willing to try or you like this kind of products, you might enjoy it.


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