Incoming: Kiehls, L’Occitane, Benefit, Ciaté and La Roche-Posay

Last december I took advantage of some sets and offers that were available and here are some of the things that I got:

First I went to L’Occitane, I had a voucher and I had planned to take advantage of it. There were several little and bigger sets with their products, but these two were the ones that I got interested into, and I loved the packaging, which you can use for storing a variety of things later on.


These two sets contained a hand cream, a lip balm and a 50g perfumed soap. One set was called Joyeuses Fêtes, and the other Arlésiene, which has a bouquet of rose, sweet violet and saffron. The packaging is lovely and colorful, and hands cream, lip balm and soap are three things I am always in need for. Additionally I asked for some samples, and I got some their Amande Concentre de Lait, apré-shampooing reparateur and their Vanille & Narcise perfume. I cashed my voucher for the set of 50ml shower gel and body lotion in Jasmine and Bergamote.


From there I moved on to Karstadt, to the Kiehls counter. They have several minisets from where you can try some of their products. From the different available sets I went for the Starter Set, which contains: “Creme de Corps” a body lotion, Ultra Facial Cream, their lip balm, the ultimate strength hand salve and their midnight recovery concentrate. This was the set that contained more products that I was interested in trying, the only one that I am not really interested in, is their Ultra Facial Cream. Since I bought them I have already tried out some of these products, and I have to say I am so far not so impressed, but wait for a proper review soon.

IMG_8716_1 IMG_8715_1

From Kiehls I moved on to the Benefit counter, and there I checked out their different sets, holiday sets, offer sets, etc. In the end, I settled for this Rockateur set which contains the blush, a brush, benetint, their Highbeam highlighter and a Rockateur lip balm. I know there is a lot of talk about Benefit blushes in general and while I grant their packaging is always beautiful, I have to say this is probably the only blush by them that I could see my self buying. Their blushes are quite sparkly, and it is not something I found appealing. The packaging is lovely and it comes with a big mirror and tips, which is always nice. I have tried the blush, and the high beam already and so far I am happy, and there are reviews coming soon as well. The lady at the counter also gave a Benefit they’re Real mascara sample, something that always comes in handy, either for traveling or just for the sake of trying out new things.

IMG_8717_1 IMG_8718_1

When I was almost on my way out of the Karstadt in Frankfurt, I saw a great offer on this Ciaté Nails set. It comes with a black base nail polish, Colorful pen nail polish and a matte top coat. I love the idea of the set, but I found that these products can also be used independently from the set, which makes them always more attractive.

IMG_8719_1 IMG_8720_1

Finally, I went to the pharmacy and there I got this La Roche-Posay CC cream, that I will review soon, I have pretty much made up my mind about it already. It has a 30SPF protection and I was traveling to México soon after, so I thought it would be perfect for that.


At this pharmacy they also had L’Occitane and this lovely soleil set, surely from summer time or something like that. The set comes with this lovely yellow make up bag, a small Rose Hand cream, a Verveine Savon with shea butter, a 35ml shampooing shampoo, a 35 ml bottle of their famous Amande Huile de douche and a little Jasmin and Bergamote perfume. Finally the lady at the pharmacy supplied me with two little samples of La Roche-Posay products. A soothing protective lotion which I already tested, and an antiaging lotion.

IMG_8723_1 IMG_8722_1

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my latest additions, expect the reviews soon!

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