Germany: Labello, Fruity Shine


These lip balms get 4/5 thumbs up! I really like them, well at least the watermelon one!

Labello is a very established brand when it comes to lip balms in so many countries around the world. Quality of their products is good, and although I do not like all of their products this can often be a matter of taste in consistency or scent, but not quality. I was tempted to try these because of the fruity theme. Packaging is nice, it is the standard lip balm bullet. Consistency of these is quite “slippery” lets say, it is a light slippery film that forms on your lips, very comfortable. They have practically no color, which is something I personally like. The cherry one, has a slight red tint, but very sheer. The watermelon one has no color. It does not last forever on your lips, as with most of these products you have to re-apply through out the day, but it lasts a good enough time. The scents are comfortable, but I found the cherry scent too sweet and I really do not like it. While I found the watermelon scent delicious and less sweet. When you choose yours you can decide based on the color, and the scent then!

Would I buy this product again? The watermelon one, YES! The cherry one? No :/

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