France: L’Occitane, Creme Mains Peaux Seches, Beurre de Karite 20%


4/5 thumbs up for this hand cream. I really like it.

I got this hand cream in a set with other products at the shop at Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich. I always carry hand cream with me, there is a few brands that make this kind of sized hand creams. L’Occitane makes it often into my handbag with these small sizes, they often make nice sets. I found these sets are always a nice buy, you get to try some products you might be interested in before getting a full size.

Packaging is very nice, light, easy to use and practical. This is the 30ml size, which I found perfect for the handbag. The consistency of the cream is very light, while still rich in content. It feels and spreads lightly on your skin, but it leaves a humectant feeling on it. The only but of this product is that is not cheap at all, but you can always hunt it down in L’Occitane sets.

Would I buy this product again? Yes, in a set, or maybe in the big size for my bed table.

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