Germany: Weleda, Wildrose Glättende Augenpflege


This eye cream by Weleda gets 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

I bought this Weleda Wildrose smoothing eye cream in Germany during a trip. Now what do I think? Lets go by parts and start with the packaging: Packaging is light and ideal for traveling, but unfortunately is hard to dose the amount to use and also difficult to get the product out as it gets used up, making it quite impractical to use. Consistency is light and fluid, very comfortable and agreeable to apply in the eye area. About its smoothing claims, I have said this and I will repeat it, it is something hard to judge in skincare products. In the case of this eye cream, there is an immediate smoothing feeling on the eye area after applying it, but It is not a long lasting feeling and it is probably a momentary feeling, maybe lasting a couple of hours. It is hard to tell if it additionally has a long lasting smoothing effect. It is very hydrating which is always good for the eye area, even though the formulation feels quite light when applied. I hope you find this helpful!

Would I buy it again? Yes, as a rotation product, although I would prefer they would change the packaging.

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