Sampling around: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo & The Detangler


These two I got in a hotel in Cancun, México. The packaging is quite practical and simple, I really liked it, the tube is easily squeezable to get all of it out. The amount of shampoo and conditioner were almost exact for one use. In total I got three to four of each of these little tubes to try. My thoughts on the Awapuhi shampoo: it is ok, it is nice but I did not find it so rich as it is advertised. It states to be paraben free, vegan and color safe. The Detangler, on the other hand, I found better. I really liked it. It smooths and allows easy brushing, its name totally fits and its perfect on holidays. It states it is paraben free, vegan, color safe and contain UV protection. I was not impressed by the quality, specially when I saw how much they cost. For my feeling they are under in quality for such prices.

Would I buy them based on the sample? I do not think so, the prices on these are around 14 Euro for the shampoo and 20 for the conditioner for a quality that I consider comparable or under products that cost less. Maybe I could be tempted by The Detangler, but I would not buy shampoo.


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