Sampling around: benefit, eyes it’s potent! eye cream


This lovely sample I believe it came in one of the beauty boxes I have received. The packaging looks lovely and very compact, it is a tiny glass jar. It is not entirely practical, due to its size the mouth of the jar is so small you can not take the product with your fingers directly, but using a cotton swab solves the issue. It is a significant sample, it contains around 3ml of product, which using it once a day has lasted me a bit more than a month already. Consistency is creamy and it has a bit of a peculiar smell for my taste, but nothing that bothers. The cream states it is brightening and that it fades dark circles. I was rather skeptic when I started using it, but based on my history with dark circles, I can see that my dark circles have been under control while I have been using it. This does not mean I had no days with slight dark circles, but if I did, it was something light, not my normal dramatic dark circles. I have to say this little pot really surprised me.

Would I buy the cream based on the sample? Actually yes, as a morning product, but not as my one and only eye cream.


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