Hairdresser haul…protecting my hair!


I recently went to the hairdresser and I got two very nice products he recommended to deal with my hair and keep it in shape. The first one is the Nectar Thermique by Kérastase, it is mainly aimed to heat protect your hair, but the hairdresser recommended it to use it once a day to keep the hair nicely in shape and hydrated. Mostly on the tips and after spreading it over the tips, then whatever is left on the fingers over the rest of the hair. The second product is Touche Perfection also by Kérastase, and its a replenishing cream for dry tips. This is the kind of product you keep in your hand bag and apply it several times a day to keep it protected and hydrated. I am excited about trying both out, I have been using them regularly and you will soon hear my verdict on them. Additionally, I got two samples a hair mask and a hair oil, which you should see soon on my “Sampling around…” section.

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