France: Lancôme, Pure Focus, Fluide Hydratant


This product gets 4/5 thumbs up. I really like this product.

I have been using this range of products by Lancôme for at least 15 years. It is the range I used to control my skin breakouts during my teenage years, and because my skin remains sensitive and combination to oily, this product has remained among my skincare now complemented by many other products as I grew up out of the teenage years. Last time I bought it was two or three years ago in a pharmacy in Zürich, Switzerland. From the whole Pure Focus range this is the one product I still use, my skin can not take the wash or the tonic, but I still need hydration in a mattifying formula that does not break me out either.

I can recommend you to try it out if you have oily skin and after a mattifying hydrating cream/fluid. Just drop by your counter and check it out. The matte effect is long lasting, the packaging is compact and practical, and I think it comes in different formulas, gel like and fluid. The name of this product range has change over the last 15 years, formulas and products have also change, so I would not be surprised if they do not do this particular moisturizer anymore but some other mattifiying moisturizer. What they still do and with the same name for sure is the face wash product, I recently saw it.

Would I buy this product again? Yes!


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