These are two small skincare buys from the last months. First I decided to try a balm to remove my make up in the evenings, that and the whole massage thing that so many are talking about. There are some cheaper options to start with and definitely some more pricey ones. I considered that Clinique Take the day off is somewhere in the middle, good quality at a fair price. In case I get hooked on the concept I can always try something more pricey. I also got some samples with it.


Then at a pharmacy I picked up this serum by Skinceuticals, mostly focused on hydration since it contains hyaluronic acid as one of its two main components. The one thing that I was confused about when I took it out of the box at home was that the bottle is clear, I would think these components are light sensitive, but I have to do more homework on that. The Apothekerin gave me some really nice samples for another Skinceuticals product that I might be interested in the future if the results are positive. Resveratrol B E, an antioxidant night concentrate.



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