Sampling around: CD Deo Roll-on, 24h wasserlillie


I got this mini-deodorant for traveling through out Iceland. Hiking and walking around put this deodorant to the test. It is made in Germany and it states it contains no Aluminium, mineral oil, silicon, paraben, colorants or animal from animal origin. It is indicated for delicate skin. The scent is waterlily, very discreet and I would say pleasant, but this is always a matter of taste. Packaging is perfect for traveling, quite compact. About how it performed, I can say I was pleased with it. It kept up decently with my multiple daily activities, but it is not invincible. If you do a tough hike you might smell a bit afterwards depending on your perspiration pattern. But for normal walks, easy hikes and regular day activities it worked very well.

Would I buy this product again based on this “sample”? Yes, specially in their travel/sample size. Effective and compact.

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