UK/Ireland: Timotei, Golden Highlights conditioner


This product gets 3/3 thumbs up. I like it.

I was recently traveling through Iceland when I ran out of conditioner. I went to a supermarket and chose something that I did not know. This is how I got to know this brand and this particular product. It states that it contains no parabens. It is aimed to blond or highlighted hair. It states it contains 100% extract of Camomile, but it does not state in which percentage it contains it. It does not smell like camomile at all, it smells a bit like the Herbal Essences conditioners, perfumed. As a conditioner I have no complains, it kept my hair moisturized and manageable. About its effect on blond hair, I would probably need to use it longer and get a bigger bottle, but I can not say I saw much of an effect. In my opinion the Mexican Manzanilla Grissi is much better for blond, seems more natural from ingredient content and it does smell as camomile.

Would I buy this product again? No, I liked it, but I think the Grissi one is much better.

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