Germany/China: Rival de Loop, Jolie Fleur, Duftnagellack


This product gets 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like it at all.

This brand sits in Germany, but this nail polish was produced in China. The color range was very nice, all soft almost pastel tones. The scented idea of nail polishes has no appeal to me really, but in case you are interested in this I can tell you about my experience. This was supposed to have an apple scent, which you could indeed detect a bit. In the beginning you can only smell the solvent scent and faintly the apple one. Once it dries it gets better. Now, about the quality of the nail polish: I was extremely disappointed. The same day you apply it, you loose most of it. It is to date the worst nail polish that I have tried. I have tried other Rival de Loop nail polishes, and while they are not the best quality you could find, they are certainly decent and not as terrible as this scented edition is.

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