Germany: Weleda, Sanddorn Handcreme


This product gets 1/5 thumbs up. I did not like this product.

I use hand cream all through out the day, but specially for the night I look for more rich or special hand cream. I bought it in a supermarket in Germany. It is more expensive than a regular hand cream, and it states that it is quick to be absorbed and provides intensive care. It is indeed very quick to be absorbed, unfortunately it leaves behind a sticky feeling that is not very agreeable or comfortable. On the point of intensive care though, I did not experienced it like this. Shortly after applying I already felt that my hands were dry again. I would not recommend it as a rich cream before going to bed, before it did not work for me as an intensive hand cream. And I can also not recommend it during the day because of the sticky feeling. If you are interested in this cream, look for a shop where you can test it so that you can see if you like it or not.

Would I buy this product again? No.

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