The Netherlands: Rituals, Himalaya Wisdom scrub salt


This product gets 2/5 thumbs up. I think it is ok.

I bought this body scrub at a Rituals shop in Germany. It is made in the Netherlands and distributed in Europe and USA as far as I know. It is a salt based body scrub, the grains are quite fine, and it contains mint, which gives a cooling feeling while you are using it. Unfortunately this one is not one of my favorites for several reasons, most of them have to do with my particular taste and nothing to do with the quality of this product. First, is a fine grain scrub while I prefer bigger grains. Second, I have to say I found the cooling effect quite unpleasant, but this is a personal thing. Third, the packaging is deceiving, it states correctly the amount but half of the packaging is just plastic, and only half of it is full of product. Something unnecessary if you ask me, if your product is good quality as this. There you go! If you like fine grain scrubs and cooling then this might be your perfect scrub, even if it is not mine.

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