Sampling around: Schwarzkopf, essence Ultime, Omega Repair shampoo and Beauty Balm


I really enjoyed these samples, and I can recommend these products. I think they came in a magazine. These products are made in Germany and I am not sure if they are available outside of Germany yet. They claim to be developed in collaboration with Claudia Schiffer. The shampoo is effective at cleaning your hair without drying it out. I was quite satisfied with the amount of the sample, it lasted two uses. This Omega Repair, its aimed at damaged hair, and it claims to help control splitting, and having an overall repair effect. Now to the second sample, the beauty balm, the label calls it a “Luxurious hair beautifier, seven in one”. Something I liked from the effects it claims is to control and prevent splitting. Specially because lots of products claim to repair splits, which is not really possible to my knowledge. You can use this product with wet or dry hair, you are not supposed to wash it and you can use it everyday. After using it, my hair was manageable and hydrated. Both products left a good impression, from only two uses of these samples.

Would I buy this product based on these samples? Yes, I would, I have already.

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