Sampling around: L’Occitane, Crème Divine à l’immortelle Biologique


The brand calls this cream: a ultimate youth care with organic Immortelle. It is made in France as most L’Occitane products and it claims to contain ingredients from organic farming. The packaging also indicates that this is a new formula. I have never tried the previous formula so unfortunately I won’t be able to compare. I used these samples also during my Iceland trip so I could actually compare them “face to face” to the other L’Occitane face cream that I just reviewed today: L’Occitane, Crème Radieuse, hydration cream. This cream performed excellent, it was quite hydrating and what saved my skin during my trip. The texture is rich but soft, quite enjoyable. I can say not only that it keeps your skin moisturized, but also that performs well on cold windy harsh weather. Unlike the other cream I can recommend this one.

Would I buy this based on the sample? Yes. I was very pleased with these samples.

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