Bathing and Lush…

Here I present you with an opinion on some Lush bathing products that I purchased earlier this year!

IMG_5974_1 copy

As an overall impression: nice products, expensive, something to spoil yourself.

How much you like these will have to do on your preferred scents and what you look for in bathing. Some people use it to relax, some to give a nice treatment to their skin. I would say most of these are more to give you a nice relaxing time than doing anything for your skin. My favorite is “You have been Mangoed”, because it feels like a nice treatment for your skin, It is an oily bath product and when you go out you don’t need to moisturize anymore. Avobath, is a bit more moisturizing compared to the others and the scent is very agreeable. The comforter, is a fruity scented foam bath that you can divide into probably three pieces. If you like relaxing in the bath this one might be for you, but don’t expect any effects on your skin. The others are nice as well, but mostly just a nice scent in which to soak yourself and relax if that is your thing. In a price/product evaluation I would go for the comforter since you can get more uses out of it, or you have been Mangoed because of the effects on your skin.

The massage oil Soft Coeur, smells deliciously like chocolate, and if you are into massages this might be for you. For me, it was more of a failed experiment because I am not so into massages.

Would I buy these again? Yes for you have been Mangoed and from time to time the Comforter and Avobath. The rest not really. I also would get these in case I am after a special day in the bath, but they are rather expensive for what they are for regular use.

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