Lips, Nails, body!

Preparing for a trip and doing a bit of shopping as usual I got more than needed. Walking around in Germany I went into a droguerie and got a few things I was missing for a trip.

First of all, I got a sunscreen by Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect + with SPF30. This is a light formula in spray, I felt tempted to try it out for this reason, but I would have liked a higher SPF factor. Then I got a sanitizer, Antibakterielles Handgel by Isana Med from Rossmann. These two were the reason of my trip into Rossmann, and once there I added a few things more.


Body! First of all a body scrub by Weleda, Birken Dusch Peeling. I am always open to try new peelings, it is just one of those type of products for me. The same goes for handcreams, and here I got one also from Weleda, Sandhorn Handcreme. This hand cream claims to be intensive care for your hands. Let’s see! I also got a shimmer powder by Manhattan, Glowing Godess. I guess is like a bronzer/illuminator. Looking forward to try it out and compare it with other products.

Moving to Lips! I got a lip balm by Rival de Loop in fruity, one can never have enough lip balms!  Also, I got one of the Astor Soft Sensation Lip Color Butter. The presentation is styled as the Chubby sticks from Clinique.


Finally for my nails I got these funky colors by Rival de Lopp. The green one, jolie fleur, it is one of those nail polishes with a scent. Something I personally find pointless. The other one is sort of a watermelon color. Lovely bright color.

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