Soaps, Handscream and Nailpolish!


These was some time ago already but, well here it comes! During a quick trip to Zürich and Frankfurt, I did some little shopping. There is a L’Occitane shop on Bahnhofstrasse close to ZürichHB, the main station, from where I was traveling on. I just decided to spend the rest of my swiss francs there. I love a good soap, so I got two different ones to try, one in rose and one in green tea. Besides that, you surely know I can not live without handscream, and L’Occitane are the right size to keep in your bag. I took two scents that I have never had before: Rose and Cherry. Finally a little sachet to put in my drawers with a Rose scent. In addition, I got some samples: Amande, Concentré de lait and Crème Divine. Which I have already used, so surely you will hear about them soon at sampling around.


Later on my trip, in Frankfurt, I quickly went into a dm droguerie to get conditioner for my trip. I got the essence ultime from Schwarzkopf in Omega Repair. Once in there, it was hard to leave without these really nice bright colors! Watermelon and Vices Versa.

IMG_6409_1 IMG_6410_1


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