Germany: Aveo, Nagellackentferner Mandel mit Aceton

Rituals bodyscrub

Aveo, is the house brand for a droguerie shop in Germany called Müller. I do not think you can find them in every city, but I found one during a Germany trip and I decided to try among other things this nail polish remover. Since this product belongs to the hause brand is of course on the cheaper side of any budget, therefore trying out these products for basics is often a must for me. More often than you would think, you find really good quality products.

This product contains acetone, therefore it might not suit everyone’s wish for a nail polish remover. If you are not for it, then make sure you choose one that states “ohne aceton” instead that “mit aceton”.

Now, about its performance, well, how much can we really say about nail polish remover? First, it is indeed affective at removing nail polish without much work and second it does not leave a drying feeling behind.

Would I buy this again? In principle yes, it is a good quality fair price kind of product but I do have one I like better.

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