Little droguerie Haul!


Basically I went in a German droguerie (Rossmann) for hands cream. I can not live without it, but of course browsing around you can always find new things to try. Let’s start with the main objective, the hands cream! Florena hand cream with Aloe Vera, it is a classic for me. It is a good quality hand cream at a fair price. In addition, I decided to try this Neutrogena hand cream with Nordic Berries.

Moving on to hair. I got this Tony&Guy serum drops to try and see if it helps to keep my fringe in shape. So far there is a product that I love from them, and two that I find just ok, so I am interested in trying more from them. I also needed a new file for my nails, and I decided to try this essence 4 in 1 studio nails professional file. Essence is a rather cheap brand when it comes to the price, so if I can find something that I use regularly at a good price, why not? Let’s see how it turns out.

Finally, from Max Factor this set for the lips with a stain like lip product in a beautiful bright red and a lip shine that you can add if you want a glossy finish. Sounds like a good idea and surely you could use it in combination with other lip products. It was a nice idea as a set and the stain seem to be quite long lasting. I will keep you posted on how much I like them!

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